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How to earn money online

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      In this article, we will tell about 10 ways, so you can earn money online part-time or full-time sitting at home and taking out time for your family in this hectic life.

      So let’s know How to earn money online

      1. Affiliate marketing:-

      How to earn money online- Affiliate marketing is a means of earning without any investment in the time of the internet, by this you can earn money online by joining some big sites like (amazon, and Flipkart). how to earn money online in hindi

      online paise kaise kamaye
      online paise kaise kamaye,मोबाइल से ऑनलाइन पैसे कैसे कमाए?

      You have to register first by visiting these sites, when your account is approved then you can work with these companies. In this, you have to share the links of the products of these companies on your social sites, and on your website and as soon as someone buys the product from this link, you get a lot of commission from it. how to earn online in Hindi

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      2.Freelancer work :-

      online paise Kaise kamaye- If you have done any computer-related courses (graphic design, article writing, FB page maintenance, etc.) and you are a student, do you work somewhere or you are not able to get any job then you have to worry. There is no need eran money online for free

      online paise kaise kamaye
      Online कमाई कैसे करें?, online paise kaise kamaye

      There are many such websites on the Internet that provide you with work and also give good money for it. So register today on these websites and start earning money online. india me online paise kaise kamaye

      This website is following:-(golance. com, up. work,,

      3.Make your own website :-

      online paise kaise kamaye-  If you think that I can sleep and keep my income running then it is a good idea to create your own website. Based on your experience and the popularity of the Internet, when you create a website and put your thoughts on it, then you can earn good money from it.

      online paise kaise kamaye
      online paise kaise kamaye,आसानी से पैसे कैसे कमाए?

      For this, you will have to work hard for the first few days, after that you can earn money from it till the whole age. You do not even have to work hard to make a website, the website is ready in just 20 minutes. So today consider what you have experience in and start your online earning. how to earn money online at home in Hindi

      4.Write and publish a Kindle eBook:-

      online paise kaise kamaye- If you want to reach people through your experience, your thoughts, book, then the Amazon kindle store is a very good way to earn. You can register on it and share your thoughts through the e-book and earn good money.

      online paise kaise kamaye
      online paise kaise kamaye, मोबाइल से पैसे कैसे कमाए 2020?

      It is available on every device like laptop, computer, and mobile. When your published book is sold, then you get up to 70% of its commission. So if you have such a thought in your mind then start spreading your thoughts to the people today. online earning tips in Hindi

      5. start a youtube channel:-

      Online Paise Kaise Kamaye – Ever since the Internet market has boomed where everything is being done through the Internet, the same YouTube is the second largest search engine. Here you can share your talent through video. Whenever someone wants to know something, he searches on google or youtube only. how to earn money in Hindi

      online paise kaise kamaye
      online paise kaise kamaye, पैसे कैसे कमाए

      If you have any kind of talent, then you can share it through youtube. And as soon as you put good videos on it, your channel will grow.

      6. Do Survey, Research, Review :-

      How to earn money sitting at home – There are many websites on the internet that provide you the income of doing surveys or reviewing any website and you can earn online. But you also need to be a little cautious with these websites because many websites charge you a big amount on the pretext of getting you work, then you should first inspect the website that provides work, then only you invest your money.

      online paise kaise kamaye
      online paise kaise kamaye, मोबाइल से घर बैठे पैसे कैसे कमाए

      But some websites are also free where you do not have to invest money and you can earn income in which the first name is google survey. From here you get decent income.

      7.Translation work 

      Make money online in hindi- Different languages ​​are spoken in our country but most of the English language is used on the Internet. Speaking English is common in South India, but North Indians work hard at it. Therefore, according to the need, Hindi is translated into English and English to Hindi. Therefore, if you also have experience in translating languages, then this is the best way for you to earn online.

      online paise kaise kamaye
      online paise kaise kamaye, रोज पैसे कैसे कमाए

      Apart from Hindi and English, if you know many other languages ​​then this is a very good tool for you. Among those that provide this work: – Freelancer. in,,, and websites can be seen.


      8. Online tuition (master Ji with internet):-

      online paise Kaise kamaye- You have seen that the path of online education has opened up a lot during the Corona period. All schools and colleges are closed but studies are on through the internet. If you are also an expert in any subject then you can run your online class and earn money.

      online paise kaise kamaye
      online paise kaise kamaye

      With this, your education will reach even those students whom you could not even imagine. Maybe what you have taught will come in handy for him and he will be well. There is youtube for this, apart from this, websites like,,, and can also be seen.

      9. captcha solver:-

      online paise Kaise kamaye- You must have noticed that when you log in or register on a website, some security-type symbols or words come there and we solve them and login. Similarly, there are some websites on the Internet that provide you with some good income to solve this captcha.

      online paise kaise kamaye
      online paise kaise kamaye

      This captcha can also be in English, it can also be in Hindi or it can also be any image. Some of these websites are as follows:- Mega Typers,2 Captcha, Pro Typers, KolotiBablo, and Captcha Typers.

      10.PTC sites :-

      online paise Kaise kamaye-PTC sites mean PAID TO CLICK | Here are some such websites that give you a chance to earn money by watching advertisements, playing games, or completing any task. You can’t earn much on these websites but you can earn within some limit.

      online paise kaise kamaye
      online paise kaise kamaye

      Some of the websites are:-NEOBUX, BUXP, CLICKSENSE, PAIDVERTS ETC.


      Friends, today’s era is the age of the Internet, which will have more knowledge about the Internet, there will be more earnings Can earn good money


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